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2018 Sprague Lake Fishing Forecast
Sprague Lake has some of the best Rainbow trout fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Expect fantastic Rainbow trout fishing again this year. Last year, 5 lb Rainbows were caught with lots of them in the 2-5 lb range. In the last few years, 7lb Rainbows have been caught. See our Facebook photos.

About 369,000 Steelhead were stocked in 2014, and we expect them to be up to 4-6 lb this year. Last year, Steelhead were caught from 4 lb to over 5 lb. Steelhead are identified by a scared over clipped adipose fin. In lakes, they are still part of the trout limit, and you do not need a steelhead punch card.

Last year, Large Mouth Bass were caught and released, along with several in the 3-4 lb range. This year should offer some great fun for the Bass fishermen again, as some have been caught over 5 lb.

There should be several thousand Channel Catfish to be caught from 3 lb to over 20 lb.

June 10 & 11, 2017, there is NO FISHING LICENSE needed for this weekend.

Large Mouth Bass video on Sprague Lake

Check out our 2017 photos and 2016-2009 photos: several Rainbow Trout up to 7.3 lb - 27" and Steelhead to 5 lb - 23.5".

Follow us on Facebook for fishing report updates and new photos.

Two-pole Fishing Opportunity
With a 2nd pole license endorsement, you can fish Sprague Lake with a second rod with up to 3 hooks on each line. The endorsement costs an additional 2nd license fee. The two-pole license change became effective August 15, 2009. All other fishing rules and regulations still apply.

Caution: Your daily trout limit may only include 2 trout over 20 inches.

Fishing License
Get your fishing license before you come over. We do not sell them here. You can purchase your license on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website or you can call them on the telephone. A temporary license is authorized until you receive the permanent one in the mail. For fishing regulations, you can call WDFW at (360)-902-2464.

Beware of propeller problems; check with us when you come in and ask for our "rock" map.

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